Preventive Dentistry

We firmly believe that ‘Prevention is better than cure” not only for teeth but also for gums. This is done with:
  • Periodic check-ups
  • Professional cleaning
  • Fluoride application
  • Pit and fissure sealants
Check ups on regular basis help us detect problems at initial stage which may go unnoticed if regular visits are not followed.

We start with a thorough and comprehensive dental examination, which includes x-rays when needed. The dental examination is focused at detecting caries, evaluating gum health, checking the status of your restorations, screening for signs of oral cancer or any other conditions that could have oral manifestations.

Preventive care is important not just to maintain a healthy mouth, but it also greatly reduces the chances of enduring dental pain, losing your teeth and having to go through time-taking, expensive dental restorative procedures.

We’re concerned with providing you with complete oral health that’s much more than just a healthy looking smile!

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