Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Root canal is a sequence of treatment for removal of infected pulp of a tooth to eliminate infection. Pulp is the internal part of the tooth containing blood vessels and nerves which gets infected by microbial invasion (caries/ tooth decay) and/or trauma.

Root canal treatment involves cleaning and shaping of the infected pulp space within the tooth and is subsequently filled with a suitable biocompatible material. The procedure is relatively painless and is done under local anesthesia. Generally it requires 2-3 sittings however in certain situations we also perform single sitting root canal treatment.

Alternatives to RCT: Unfortunately the only alternative to RCT is extraction of the problematic tooth. However, it is wise to consider all implications of loosing a tooth before having it extracted.

RERCT: Improperly done root canal treatment which gives persistent pain and swelling may require a re-root canal treatment.

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