Dentures/ Partial Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth.

Unreplaced teeth can lead to tooth drifting, spaces between teeth, food lodgement and subsequently tooth decay and gum problems. Loss of all teeth can cause improper digestion of food due to improper chewing besides speech and aesthetic and problems like sagging of face, loss of vertical height, hollowing of cheeks etc.

Types of dentures: Complete denture: are used when all the teeth are missing Partial denture: are used when few teeth are missing in a jaw. Dentures can be made in acrylic, metal or flexible varieties. We also provide tooth supported or implant supported overdentures in case of poor bone support. Dentures can help you in improved
  • Chewing (mastication)
  • Aesthetics (facial appearance)
  • Phonetics (Improvement in speech)
  • Self-esteem

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