Dental Check ups for Corporates & School

Every child is unique and good dental health is essential to any child's overall well-being, especially because the teeth are still developing. Timely and regular oral health checks should be a part of every child's health-care, as not only do they help spot dental problems early-on so they can be treated with simpler and more conservative dentistry, but also inculcate a sense of 'dental-awareness' in a child, a pro-health attitude that has life-long benefits as a child learns the importance of participating and actively caring for oral health. Unfortunately, many a times, a child suffers through toothache and missed school due to dental problem. A regular check-up schedule is oriented to provide a positive, non-intrusive and friendly dental experience and nip any dental problems in the bud!

We at KDC offer that school based oral health comprehensive check-ups, which include a thorough full-mouth examination and charting of children’s' dental conditions and a personalized treatment plan for each child.

Corporate Dental Check-ups

Dental problems are almost ubiquitous and regular dental care is a must for everyone. A busy and stressful life often leaves corporate employees with simply too little time to focus on health. Regular dental check-ups are geared to diagnose any developing problems like dental decay and gum disease early on so they can be treated early and tooth loss or more complex treatment avoided by providing preventive dental care. Infact, it is now accepted that having an untreated chronic dental infection like gum disease increases the risk of many common major medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease and pregnancy complications.

At KDC we truly believe 'prevention is better than cure' and have designed a corporate dental health check-up service specifically tailored to the needs of corporates. This includes a full-mouth examination and screening for gum disease, along with a comprehensive dental record and tailor made treatment plan strategies.
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