Cosmetic Services

A winning smile is one the best social assets. Treatment options to enhance your smile can go a long way in improving your personality and confidence.

Discolored tooth, crooked tooth, spacing between teeth, fractured tooth, gummy smile, uneven gum level or tooth levels, dark pigmented gums, missing tooth and other conditions can compromise your smile. We, at Karnik Dental Clinic will help you evaluate the best possible option to improvise your appearance and beautify your smile.

We provide the following procedures depending upon individual needs
  • Veneers
  • Composite fillings
  • Tooth bleaching
  • Depigmentation (removal of dark pigments from gums)
  • Gum recontouring
  • Smile designing
We will perform a ‘smile analysis’ and help you choose the right treatment plan.


Dental veneers are minimally invasive restorations, which can be used to mask minor discrepancies of teeth placement and shapes, especially for the front teeth like small gaps, overlaps and unequal sized teeth. Veneers can be fabricated from ceramic (from lab) or composite (made in the clinic). They need basic care like avoiding biting on them with very hard food, preventing staining by not regularly having coloured beverages and when cared for, can last for above a decade on an average.

Composite fillings: These are tooth color filling materials which can be matched according to your tooth shade. This makes them cosmetically pleasing restorations. We use latest technology and finest materials to provide long lasting and superior quality restorations.

Depigmentation: It’s a procedure to reduce excess pigmentation of gums. Thus it gives you a more pleasing and confident smile. It can be performed using laser or surgical techniques. For more details have your smile evaluated at Karnik Dentall Clinic.

Smile designing: Beauty is power and smile is its sword. A perfect smile gives you a confident way ahead and wins a million n hearts. If you have a crooked tooth, discolored tooth, gummy smile (excessive display of gums while smiling), dark and patchy gums or a broken tooth, visit us for your smile analysis and smile designing. We will provide the best suitable options to give you a perfect smile. WEAR A SMILE: ONE SIZE FITS ALL..!!

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